Neodymium Magnetic Balls: A Perfect Tool For Industry

The Neodymium magnetic balls are the most excellent choice for people who have a magnetic field that is dangerous to their health, such as those who work in industries that use abrasive materials like sand, abrasives, and concrete. The Neodymium magnetic balls sphere neocube magnet is known for its ability to generate large amounts of magnet energy.… Continue reading Neodymium Magnetic Balls: A Perfect Tool For Industry

Magnet Wire

As its name suggests, magnetic wire is made from iron or aluminum wire that has been wrapped with a thin coating of aluminum foil. This wrapping is done so that the cable can be safeguarded from the transparency coating and won’t get stripped off. Magnetic wires are used in circuit boards to stop short-circuiting and… Continue reading Magnet Wire

Neodymium Ring – An Overview

neodymium magnets is a type of magnet that is used to create strong, durable and highly attractive magnetic fields. It has been around for hundreds of years but recently has become popular as a decorative and healing gift item. These unique neodymium magnets are a type of metallurgical grade iron and have been used by professional welders for… Continue reading Neodymium Ring – An Overview

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Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets Neodymium Bar Magnets is the best for most industrial applications. This is due to the large number of applications for these types of industrial magnets and the fact that they are so strong. The strongest Neodymium Bar Magnets (seen on this page) is in fact, available in a variety of different sizes. Neodymium… Continue reading Neodymium Magnets

Strong Magnets

Where to Purchase Strong Magnets For The School Projects Where to purchase powerful magnets for your school projects is important. Strong magnets are used in the magnets which hang from a classroom ceiling, science lab equipment and much more. They are made from strong neodymium iron that magnets are attracted to. Neodymium is an important… Continue reading Strong Magnets

Strong Magnets

Strong Magnets – Understanding Why They Are Important Strong magnets have been an important part of our lives since before recorded history. From the huge ironworks of our early America to the tiny devices we have in our cell phones, powerful magnets have provided us with a myriad of useful technology. The strong magnetic name… Continue reading Strong Magnets

Copper 24 Gauge Wire

Copper 24 Gauge Wire, also known as brass cable, is your favored wire for several electronics in homes, offices, stores and other structures. 24 gauge is a measurement of the diameter of a electrical wire or the amount of aluminum atoms that exist within an electrical cable. 24 gauge wire could be utilized in a… Continue reading Copper 24 Gauge Wire